Thursday, September 20, 2007

IIPM :- Cicero's Challenge is going global

Cicero's Challenge is going global this year as we aim at bringing together, the students of different nationalities, on a common platform to share their thoughts, views and perspectives…
Cicero's Challenge Internatinal Debate competition

Other Events

21st September

Sixth Sense (Quiz Competition)
Time- 11.00 am
The knowledge bank needs to be exposed here. With wittiness, quickness and correctness, the participants will flow through various rounds of the Quiz Competition. The fastest and smartest will make it to the top.

Dumb Charades
Time- 11.00 am
Words are all we have to say what we want to say, but the challenge lies in saying something without the vital element of speech. Dumb Charades is game of communication, a challenge that requires one to adapt to the situation, be spontaneous and overcome inhibitions much like our Cicero's challenge itself.

Collage making
Time-1.00 pm
200 students, 3 classrooms and a confused jumble of pictures, frames and phrases!! This is what the initial scene at the collage making contest looks like. The vision of students and their creative abilities need to be applied to transform this gallimaufry into wonderful and meaningful collages.

The Mask (Face painting Competition)
Time- 2.00pm
Colors are the essence of life, in conformity with these; the students are required to display their creative and artistic abilities much to the delight of the eyes of the audience and judges alike.

Personality contest
Time- 4.00 pm
Personality is the mirror of one's total being. The participants could look forward to some grilling through several elimination rounds like the ramp walk introduction round, talent round, question & answer round etc. Just as a typical pageant would look like, this personality contest also takes place on a glamorous stage specially built for the event in the lawns of IIPM's international campus.

School Of Rock
Time- 6.00 pm
Amidst the bundle of knowledge sharing and colors galore, lives the rocking event: ROCK COMPETITION. The event has seen anxious young rockers from schools and colleges rock the competition in the past. Modern Barakhamba Rock Band took the trophy, defeating their competitors from Cambridge School by just a few points.

22nd September

Creative writing
Time- 2.30 pm
The pen is mighty, mightier still if it is wielded by grey cells that are charged by creativity. Stories provoke thought and thought fuels change, and the Creative Writing competition is all about putting 'it all in place appropriately and creatively'.

Time- 2.30 pm
A game for anytime.. anywhere.. but this time at IIPM, New Delhi. A popular music trivia generates high levels of interest in participants and audiences alike. With a traditional tinch and modern strings, the event is sure to give music to the ears of Cicero.

Time-3.30 pm
If music sooths the soul, dance appeals to the eyes of the spectator. At IIPM, Choreography means varied dance formations and sequences that may be either picked from Hollywood or Bollywood charts. The energy infused in the audience is infectious and the competitors have indeed been the ones who deliver this energy from the stage.

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